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New Product Alerts in High Point & Greensboro, NC!

Shelter ads are a great complement product for any advertising campaign. Streetlevel Media is pleased to announce that we are rolling out new Out-of-Home Advertising products in the Greensboro, NC and High Point, NC markets—Transit Shelter Advertising! 

Bus Shelter Ads are a great cost-effective way for any brand to implement in their adversiting plan. Shelter ads have been around for years and is one of the top-rated out-of-home advertising mediums.  

Benefits of Bus Shelter Ads: 

  • Create brand awareness 
  • Enhance brand image 
  • Expand your brands reach 
  • Ad exposure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • High visibility 
  • An effective means of geographic segmentation 
  • An excellent ROI 
  • Aesthetically pleasing 

Transit shelter advertising offers more interaction between your audience and your message, leading to great results. Contact us today about adding bus shelter ads to your brands next advertising campaign! 910.323.9306

Out of Home Advertising & Design Tips

Being creative with out of home advertising can be tricky. As you design your sign, keep in mind the main goal of the sign. List out the primary and secondary goals of the OOH campaign to help you build the pieces as if it were a puzzle. 

For example, if your primary goal is brand awareness, but you also want to include your slogan, a call to action, and drive people to your website as secondary goals; you may want to invest in a larger sign like an Ultra Super King. The larger sign will give you space to include all elements without making the design too busy. 

Remember these key steps: 

  • 👨‍👧 Identify your audience 
  • ☑️ List your goals 
  • 🎨 Keep it simple 
  • 🚀 Less is more 

Luckily, when you work with Streetlevel Media, you will have the option of working with our very own award-winning graphic designer, Brandy DiGiovanni. If you are curious about putting together an OOH campaign, then please give us a call. We will listen to your goals and work with you to create a customized campaign from start to finish. 

#Spooktober News & Insights

National Book Month | Book Harvest

We are celebrating National Book Month by highlighting one of our clients, Book Harvest.

Book Harvest’s Mission Statement

“Book Harvest provides an abundance of books and ongoing literacy support to families and their children from birth and serves as a model for communities committed to ensuring that children are lifelong readers and learners.”

This standard tail ad photo was from their earlier campaign this past February. We are currently working on their new ad campaign and cannot be more excited for them!

Introducing Danville, VA!

Introducing our newest transit advertising market: Danville Transit System (DTS) in Danville, Virginia! 🍾

Exclusively handled by the one & only Streetlevel Media—We are so proud to announce that we are rolling into the Virginia market and partnering with DTS for bus advertising!

Fun Facts About Danville
+ Located 40 miles NE of Greensboro, NC & 71 miles NW of Raleigh, NC.
+ Famous for its cultural arts & entertainment.
+ The Downtown River District is BEAUTIFUL, filled with art murals and more!

We offer a handful of advertising options that allow you to get the City of Danville talking about your business! Our full sponsorship, giant format, and full tail ads are ready to hit the streets.

We are so excited for this new venture and our partnership with the City of Danville.

Top 3 marketing tricks YOU can implement this #Spooktober!

Buster is Streetlevel’s mascot for the month of October.

A little monster with BIG ideas who is taking over our social media for #Spooktober. As a representative of Streetlevel Media, Buster works closely to identify the best marketing strategies this spooky season.

Holiday advertising should not be overlooked and executing it through effective avenues has proven to increase your brands engagement. Buster has outlined below some marketing ideas that you can implement for your brand TODAY!

Buster’s Tricks and Treats

  • Create a seasonal logo just for #SpookySeason by simply adding Halloween elements to your existing logo
  • Spice up your social media graphics with Halloween aesthetics
  • Dress up your website and newsletters this month with spooky vibes and graphics

Head over to our Instagram @streetlevel_media — you never know what kind of mischief Buster might be stirring up this month!

Hello Greenville, SC!

VTA 2021

Great visit at the Virginia Transit Association conference to continue building our brand in the marketplace.

We had a blast and met some wonderful people! It’s always fun to gift the Yeti!!

Bus Ads Work!

Advertising So Good, It’s Scary!

Catch up on the latest news with SLM! Advertising So Good, It’s Scary!

Don’t Miss This Spooktacular News!

Click here for the October 2020 Newsletter Link!

BIG Announcement!!

Q&A session with the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce

Check out Streetlevel’s Q&A session with the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce- we were happy to share our love for the city of Durham, NC!

Streetlevel Media is looking forward to connecting with the community and making things happen!

Q&A- Click Here 

McDonald’s and Burger King

McDonald’s and Burger King found a creative way to grab some attention and spread a message on love and unity with this one! Bravo guys!!

Click to View the Campaign!



Advertising amplifies everything your doing! Let us help create awareness for your content!



Checking In On Everyone!

 Sharing a message from the Streetlevel Media Team!

Click Here for Some Inspiring Creative Ideas!

Design Time!

Creating is the best part! It is so much watching as ads come to life!

Create Lasting Memories

By creating positive memories and feelings with your advertising, it influences our behavior over time encouraging us to buy something at a later date. Your ads, these streets! #dadjokes

This Screen, YOUR AD, These Streets!

Streetlevel Media is excited to be involved with this #innovative new #Technology being introduced in downtown city areas across the US! Smart City Media-CityPost  is transforming and connecting communities like never before!

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