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Fayetteville Area System Transit FAST
Greensboro Transit Agency GTA
Greenville Transit GREAT
High Point Transit System HPTS
Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation PART
Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority Wave
Winston-Salem Transit Authority WSTA gta part wave wsta



Greenville is the 10th largest city in the state and the home of East Carolina University! Located halfway between the capital city of Raleigh and the crystal coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Greenville is the cultural, educational, medical, and economic capital of Eastern North Carolina. The Greenville/Pitt County area is one of the fastest growing urban centers in the state of North Carolina. An outstanding university with over 24,000 students, a regional medical center that serves 29 counties, an abundance of shopping and dining opportunities, and a multitude of cultural and recreational activities attract many people to our fine community. Service for GREAT operates: Monday through Friday from 6:25 AM until 7:00 PM and on Saturday from 9:25 AM until 6:00 PM. With Greenville-Pitt County being centrally situated to serve the largest concentration of population and industry in eastern North Carolina (more than 812,000 people within 45 miles), you could say that the hustle and bustle of life in Greenville is conducive to a higher level of thinking and inspiration. Placing your ads, on these streets, one thing’s for sure, the first thought on your mind will be how glad you are to be in Greenville, North Carolina, smack dab in the middle of such good company.



http://www.ridefast.netTransit advertising from Streetlevel media is an incredibly affordable, impactful advertising delivery system.  In the case of FAST, you can fill the streets of Fayetteville with rolling billboards.  These eye popping designs cover all of the most populated areas and shopping districts.   FAST also has the bonus of reaching out and delivering advertising messages to Ft. Bragg, our nation’s largest military base, a huge economic engine for Fayetteville and North Carolina.  By the numbers, FAST has a full sized bus fleet of 22 buses and offers all advertising positions to your business.  This includes giant format advertisements that remind one of New York’s Macys Thanksgiving Parade.  Add to this an “On Call” shuttle system that makes over 5,000 stops monthly, moving about the city. Don’t forget the tens of thousands of riders inside the buses and the impact your interior card ad has on their shopping decisions.


gtaWhen you look at the numbers, it’s easy to see that advertising with Greensboro Transit Agency is a great choice for businesses and professionals.  By the numbers, you have one of the largest cities in North Carolina, 43 full sized buses offering great exposure on what can best be described as “rolling billboards”.  To cover the whole city, the Greensboro Transit Agency has developed 17 different routes to make sure the entire metropolitan area is covered.   Buses are out there each and every day, seven days a week.  Greensboro Transit Agency is adding even more choices for advertising exposure with large shuttle buses that are essentially “On Call” shuttles.  These “On Call” shuttles are great for advertisers because they almost always pick up their passengers throughout the neighborhoods.   And don’t forget the benefits of interior advertising.  Hundreds of thousands of riders each year are captive to your interior advertising cards.  On top of all of this, Greensboro’s fleet is equipped to broadcast your advertisements through it’s “On Board” audio advertising system.  Greensboro Transit recognizes that its huge urban transportation system is also a giant advertising network that fosters and creates affordable, effective, advertising to support the businesses, medical facilities, educational institutions, and professions of its great city.  Streetlevel Media is proud to work with GTA to fulfill this mission.


Well over 100,000 active, money spending people call High Point, North Carolina home. Twice yearly, during The High Point Market, the number of people shopping High Point goes through the roof!  Streetlevel Media and the High Point Transit System are ready to work for your business by delivering thousands of advertising impressions for your business on High Point Transit System buses.  A beautiful downtown Transit Center is the starting point for 12 full sized buses to deliver your message across the city.  These rolling billboards are the “King of the Hill” when it comes to outdoor advertising.  Streetlevel and the High Point Transit System are “open for your business”.  We want you to succeed and we know that together, Streetlevel Media and the High Point Transit System can help.


partNorth Carolina counties, making transportation connections, from Lexington to Burlington, King to Chapel Hill and almost everywhere in between.  PART Express has developed a system interconnecting over 22 communities.  This innovative system uses 21 heavy duty buses and approximately 15 shuttle buses to transport the thousands of passengers from smaller markets to the major hubs of Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point. For the first time ever, advertisements will be displayed on all PART Express buses.  If you can imagine every weekday, all day long, PART Express buses moving back and forth from smaller communities to the major hubs with huge advertisements supporting local, regional, and national businesses.  PART Express is the connection that creates a “Total Triad Market Saturation”.  And in conjunction with the PART Express Routes, advertising packages combining exposure on PART Express, Winston-Salem Transit, Greensboro Transit, and High Point Transit are available with a combination discount.


waveThere is no market in the State of North Carolina that is better suited for transit advertising that Wilmington, North Carolina and its outdoor advertising “Rock Star”, Wave Transit. Sure, Wilmington is not the largest of the North Carolina markets, but “sandwiched” between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Fear River you have a sophisticated urban city crammed together in a relatively small geographic area.   It’s more like a small city designed after a football stadium!  Inside are streets, and shopping opportunities galore, major medical facilities, world class restaurants, tourists, the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.  And you have huge per capita commerce being conducted.  Wave Transit and its full sized buses, traversing fifteen bus routes “stitch” this great advertising thoroughfare together.  Then add to that the “On Call” shuttle fleet that carries riders to shopping malls, doctor’s visits, grocery stores, the movies.  All of these vehicles are poised to be a great rolling billboard for businesses and professions.  Finally, Wave Transit has dedicated a fleet of twelve shuttles to provide transportation needs for UNC-W students both on and off campus.  Unique, targeted advertising reaching the entire campus of UNC-W.  In summary, Wave Transit has three fantastic, distinct fleets of vehicles accepting advertising for every size and facet of business.  Streetlevel Media is very pleased to represent Wave Transit.


wstaThe Piedmont Triad Region of North Carolina has every element an “economic engine” needs and there is no better example of that then Winston-Salem.  A very large urban population, check.  World class higher education, check.  Incredible medical infrastructure, check.  A modern diverse population, check.  A cosmopolitan, youthful, optimistic outlook, check! From the standpoint of advertising, the Winston-Salem business and professional community is bold, assertive, and growth oriented!  Every day, WSTA dispatches over 30 full sized buses across 24 routes displaying fantastically creative and effective mobile billboards on the sides and tail of these huge buses.  Every day, Streetlevel Media’s advertisers, large and small, are overjoyed with the concrete results their businesses reap because of their display ads on Winston-Salem Transit buses.  By the numbers, WSTA has over 30 full sized buses and over 20 shuttles picking up passengers all over the city.  From full wraps to interior cards, WSTA has highly effective advertising options for every business and profession out there, and every day WSTA demonstrates its commitment to support the commerce in Winston-Salem.

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